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Gender Statistics 101

The Odds of Having Another Boy or Girl
Have you heard that after having two boys, the odds are 70% that you'll have a third? Guess what, it ain't so! Maureen crunches the numbers to get the straight truth about:
  • What are the odds of having an all same-gender family?
  • After having boys, are you more likely to have another boy, or are you due for a girl? Or is it always 50/50? And what if you've only had girls?
Does Having Boys or Girls Run in the Family?

Do you think that just because your husband has only brothers and nephews, his family can only produce boys? Or does it seem like your family has had only girls for generations?

One woman who felt that way commented to her brother that men in their family could "only produce boys"; and he embarked on a statistical study of over 6,000 families to determine whether some couples have a bias to have all-boy or all-girl offspring, or whether having a same-gender family is just a statistical chance. The study was reported in Chance Magazine, a publication for statistical methods.

More Statistical Analysis

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