Kynzi's Story

The O+12 Method for conceiving a girl was proposed by an woman from Queensland, Australia, and this her story.

Six Strapping Sons

Before hitting upon O+12, Kynzi first became an expert at conceiving boys! Let's take a look at how she conceived SIX sons:

  • Son #1: No method, just whoopee!
  • Son #2: On the advice of a neighbor with daughters, Kynzi had frequent intercourse until 3 days before ovulation.
  • Son #3: Kynzi learned about Shettles, and feeling that timing was the most important factor, timed intercourse 3 days before ovulation.
  • Son #4: This time, she actually took the Shettles book to her doctor, who thought it was all really nonsense, but agreed to help her since it was all she had. For over a year, she charted her BBT (basal body temperature, to determine ovulation). She followed the girl diet, took calcium supplements, and used a vinegar douche with intercourse FOUR days before ovulation. Although she was told "girl" at the ultrasound, the result was son #4!
  • Son #5: Determined to master the Shettles method, Kynzi continued the girl diet, and conceived nearly FIVE days before ovulation. Wow, does her husband have Olympian-class sperm, or what?! Although she was yet again told at her ultrasound that she was carrying a long-awaited daughter, baby boy #5 was born.
  • Son #6: After a friend's daughter was conceived with a 2-day cutoff, Kynzi thought that maybe they were trying too early, and timed intercourse 2 days before ovulation. We can only hope that this time the ultrasound tech didn't hazard a guess -- because Kynzi and her husband took home their SIXTH son!

The New Zealand Study

Kynzi had now conceived boys 2, 3, 4, and 5 days before ovulation and at this point, decided it was time to hang up the old basal thermometer and call it quits. She met with her doctor to schedule a tubal ligation. But while she was there, she was shocked when a nurse told her that the Shettles success rate was very low, less than 50%! After following Shettles devoutly for so many years, she was stunned to found out that it might not work as well as she had been led to believe.

Together, they examined the New Zealand Study, which had been undertaken to prove or disprove the Shettles theory. At last, they spotted a trend! Of all the days around ovulation, the only day on which very few boys were conceived relative to girls was the day following ovulation! Armed with a new theory, Kynzi decided to leave her trusty tubes intact.

The Plan

Kynzi formulated her plan. By now, she was an expert at determining when she ovulated, after years of charting, plus ultrasounds and blood tests. She decided to time intercourse 12 hours after all signs of ovulation had abated. She also convinced her husband to abstain from any ejaculation for the entire cycle until this point. (We can guess that with 6 little boys, they could keep busy!)

The Big BD (Baby Dance)!

Kynzi tracked all of her ovulation indicators carefully, and at last the big night arrived! But as fate would have it, before the long-awaited deed could scarcely be completed, a little one was at the door, needing to throw up!

Foiled by a stomach bug that proceeded to afflict the whole household, Kynzi was disappointed that they'd have to wait until next month to put her plan into action. But after the rest of the family had recovered from the flu, Kynzi's nausea still lingered, so she made a visit to the doctor. You guessed it -- she was pregnant! And she knew that that one interrupted intercourse was the only one, and her husband had not even completed the act. (I think that here again, we must give credit to Mr. Kynzi's unstoppable sperm!)

And after six little boys, Kynzi went on to give birth to her baby daughter! (I can't help it, just typing this makes me cry for her!)

Today, in 2015, Kynzi's sons are age 38, 37, 35, 32, 26, and 21, and her daughter is 20 years old.

The Method

An impressive sight with her six sons and baby daughter, you can imagine the looks and comments Kynzi's family conceived. Many other mothers of boys wanted to know her secret, and she was only too happy to share.

Other moms started to practice the method, and at the outset, absolutely all of them were successful at achieving their dream of a daughter.

Of the first 41 O+12 attempts, 37 girls and 4 boys resulted -- a 90% success rate! Most of the girls were born to families with 2 or 3+ boys.


Most importantly, remember that no method is foolproof. Do not attempt any method of gender determination unless you are prepared to accept a baby of either gender into your home and your heart!

And, also:
  • Statistically, without using any method at all, there is only a .8% chance of a family of 7 being ALL BOYS, so maybe it was just finally time for Kynzi to beat the odds! (On the other hand, there is only a 1.5% chance of having 6 boys, so perhaps something else is, in fact, at work!)
  • I myself don't find the New Zealand Study to be very compelling. There is not enough data, and it's conflicting. But you can decide for yourself!