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MicroSort Articles

This is still the very best article describing MicroSort:
Getting the Girl 5 star
Jul-2000, New York Times
Lisa Belkin
Scientific aspects of preconception gender selection
Mar-2005, Reproductive Biomedicine
People Magazine
March 1, 2004 Issue
Current issue of People contains this article: "Science solves the challenge of deciding a baby's gender before mom gets pregnant — but raises serious questions. " Sorry, I couldn't find the article online.
Newsweek: Girl or Boy? Now you can choose.
January 2004
"But should you?" Newsweek discusses the ethical dilemmas posed by scientific sex selection.
MicroSort Featured on "Early Show" on CBS
CBS News, Jul-2002
Features the lovely family of Lizette from the Gender Determination board, and includes a link to the video from the segment.
"MicroSort: Technology separates the boys from the girls" 3 star
INCIID Newsletter, Jun-2002
By Keith Blauer, MicroSort CEO and Medical Director, and
David Karabinus, MicroSort Scientific Director
A brief summary of how MicroSort works. [Sorry, article is no longer online.]
"The ratio of X- and Y-bearing sperm cells in discordant offspring gender families" 5 star
MicroSort Publication, Sep-2001
Analysis of sperm samples shows that the ratio of male- to female-producing sperm is 50/50 -- even among fathers who have 4 or more daughters only, or 4 or more sons only! (See other MicroSort publications as well.)
>"Going for the Girl" 4 star
Parenting Magazine, May-2001, Kathy des Jardins
The author, a mother of 4 sons, describes her own MicroSort experience.
"So, You Want A Girl?" 4 star
Fortune Magazine, Feb-2001, Meredith Wadman
An extensive article describing MicroSort technology and potential ethical issues with sex selection.
Maureen's MicroSort Expenses 5 star
Oct-2000, By Maureen
Your mileage will vary, but here is every expense incurred a single MicroSort attempt, right down to airport parking.
(Gee, I got 5 stars! ;-)
"Gender Vending" 3 star
BabyTalk Magazine, Apr-2000, Linda Weber
A nice overview comparing the success rate, cost, and eligibility of PGD, MicroSort, Ericsson, Shettles, and Whelan.
"High Tech Gender Selection:
What You Need to Know to Decide If It's For You"
3 star
This article is far too brief to actually fulfill the promise in its title, but it does make a couple of important points. Compares Ericsson and MicroSort.
"Special delivery: Science is perfecting a way to select the sex of your next child" 2 star
USA Today Weekend Magazine, May-1999
A shallow but pleasant article which gee-whizzes over MicroSort.
"Artificial Sex Selection in Today’s Fertility Clinics: Human Sperm Sorting by Means of Flow Cytometry" 3 star
Goshen College Department of Biology, Senior Seminar, Nov-1999
History of sperm sorting, technical description of the technique and its applications, and a discussion of possible future repercussions and ethical questions.
"Gender Selection: The Latest Techniques for Choosing the Sex of Your Child 3 star, Dec-1998
Introduces MicroSort and compares it to Ericsson and Shettles.
"It's a Girl! Is sex selection the first step to
designer children?"
1 star
Science News, Nov-1998
Could sex selection lead to an overpopulation of boys? (Um, who would give birth to them?)
"Boy? Girl? Up to You" 1 star
Time Magazine, Sep-1998
An introduction to MicroSort. (Article is no longer online.)
"Researchers report success with sex-selection method" 1 star
CNN, Sep-1998
Includes an audio clip of Edward Fugger, MicroSort developer