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New baby arrived and I am still wanting my daughter??

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5-Jun-09 3:41 pm
This really sucks! I am really wanting a daughter. I have 8yr and 3mth old sons. I LOVE my sons tooo death!! But when I look at my life I just wonder if I will EVER just have one daughter? My 8yr old is sooo into daddy. He does guy things and wants ONLY guys around. I do LOTS of activities with my sons but I just feel sooo.....Incomplete. I lost 3 babies and I wonder day to day if they were my daughters? My husband isnt really to sure if he wants more kids.. But he isnt against it either. He knows how badly I want a daughter. But he always says, "What if its another boy?" And I always think.... We will try again. And again till I get my little princess... But, I cant have 5,6,7,8 kids??? I am like at a loss? I feel like I will be terribly let down if I try again and its another boy? I had REALLY bad GD during my WHOLE pregnancy. I was in denial about ALL 5 sonograms..I tried to find every detail in making the sono look like a girl. I really had myself convinced all the techs were wrong... But, when I saw and held my new son for the first time I fell in love. But deep down I still felt like he should have been a girl. I feel soo guilty because he has been the BEST baby. He NEVER cries. He only fusses when he is hungry. He sleeps well... How could I be sooo selfish? Why couldnt I be happy with my son? Should I try again? Should I just be grateful? Help!!

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5-Jun-09 3:59 pm

I am so sorry about your GD. I had some awful GD with my third son but like you, once he was born I fell in looove! I did the exact same thing with my sonogram prints even though I had seen with my own eyes that he was a boy. We are going to start ttc again in July and I am very nervous. It seems like the moms on here (going for low-tech swaying) have had the most luck with 0+12. I did a couple of not very meticulous Shettles attempts and got my boys. I don't think you are selfish at all. You are honest. It is possible to be grateful and also still desire a daughter, I know this. I wish you all the best with your next Baby Bear Girl attempt!!! I'm not sure yet what our limit will be...



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5-Jun-09 6:37 pm

Congratulations on your new little one.   I know how you feel and so do most of the ladies on this board.  You are not selfish just experiencing GENDER DESIRE.  I had terrible gd when I found out we were having DS3.  I really thought we were done with that 3rd pregnancy and felt so distraught, depressed, hopeless that we were having another boy.  Once he was born, it was love at first site too.  However, even in the hospital, I thought about how we can  do this again.  Crazy horomones lol.

Why couldnt I be happy with my son? Should I try again? Should I just be grateful? Help!!

I'm sure you are happy with your son.  If you're like me, you just wish he came with a sister too.Happy Giggle  To answer your question, yes you should be grateful (an you sound like you are).  I keep telling myself I'm thankful for my healthy boys (it helps keep me in check sometimes).  Tying again?  Give yourself a little time to make this decision.  Some people say you shouldn't have another if you only want a certain gender.  I don't know if that's true or not.  I can tell myself over and over that I'll be okay if we have a 4th boy but will I really?  We're not going to ttc for at least a year so I still have some time to think things over.  Although I think the possibility of having a 4th baby is enough to keep my hope alive and maybe that's all you need right now.

Hope this helps alittle.  Realize you're not alone. Hugs

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5-Jun-09 8:35 pm

I'm probably a bad person to respond to this.. I have 4 boys and just found out last week I'm finally having my girl... but it's my 5th baby. I don't think I would have had so many had I gotten a girl earlier... but I don't know that for sure. I ADORE my boys, but I have wanted a girl so bad it hurt. If you want to try again, go for it!

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5-Jun-09 10:35 pm

I just wanted to reach out & send you some really sound like you're hurting & I can totally relate to the pain!!

This GD stuff is hurts so deeply.   I feel the guilt are not alone!!  Of course we're grateful..but, it's like being trapped between gratitude & despair oftentimes.

lots of peace & comfort...{{xoxoxox}}


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6-Jun-09 6:23 pm

 I feel the same way a little Carson is only 3 wks old, but I still want a daughter.  I love him to death but my longing for a daughter is there.  I am hoping I convince DH to have one more down the road.  Right now it is iffy.  I know if it is another boy I will still love him, but I will have to let my dream go if we do have one more.

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9-Jun-09 8:04 pm

Thank You so much ladies! It seems like everyday I am thinking of ways to have another baby. DH and I have been talking about trying again in about a year. He always asks me though "What if its another boy?" I actually said.. " I dont really care" Deep down I KNOW I want a girl so badly. But at the same time I love my sons and I want more. Boy or girl. Now I am not sure if I would be feeling the same way if I had a girl already?? But, I just feel empty inside without my daughter. : (

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11-Jun-09 4:01 am


 But, I just feel empty inside without my daughter. : (

I feel this too Sad


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11-Jun-09 4:04 am

((hugs)) massive congratulations on the birth of your son hunni Hearts

im sorry you are feeling like this i felt it too after thr birth of my 4th son even though i was totally in love with him I wanted him plus a DD

Give yourself a bit of time and you never know how you may feel a bit later about ttc again ?


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11-Jun-09 5:51 pm

I have 6 boys 4 of which are really good the other 2 are 3 and making my life hard but all in all 6 great boys. But I want a daughter so bad. I think about it almost everyday. For me I don't think the want will ever go away.

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12-Jun-09 7:32 am

congrats on your little boy! i do know how you feel, i am due my gender scan in just over 2 weeks, i know in my heart and in my mind that this will be another boy, (all boy nub guesses, all pedictors say boy) so im kind of expecting it now. i would like to try again one last time after this one, but who knows how i will feel then.

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