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white onion and dried figs cure

crazy for HELIN

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4-Jun-09 4:39 pm

hi girls

here are the cures from a a professor and expert herbalist

when i found his website, i wanted to share it with you ,its so late here so , sorry if there is any mistake on translation.

i really hope that it works 

white onion cure  for fertility , increase egg quantity and for PCOS

1 medium sized white onion ( not red or ourple or white covered italian onion, the one on photo added) peelvthe outside cover and cut it to 4 . put it inti previously boiled 2 glasses of drinking water and for 5 minutes let it boil with cover. do not add anything in it and drink 1 glass before lunch and dinner.

 dont eat onion only drink its water.

you musnt drink it more than 15 daysthere is no problem to drink it during mensturation , but , the best time is to start 7 days after mensturation is over.

after you finish the cure , before 10 days before your next (2nd) mensturation . you must do it again for 5 or 7 days

to become pregnant you must make dried figs cure after onion cure . do not make both cures together !!this cure is very good for early menapuse, chocolate cyst, irregular cycles, and PCOS. it cleans all cysts in ovary dried fig cure  this cure is to increase egg quantity add 15-16 pcs dried figs (after washing the white powder if there is and cut them to half) into 1/2 lt of boiling drinking water . cover and boil for 20 mins. after 20 mins , wait until its warm. when its warm, strain and drink all in 3 times 10-15 minutes before food when hungrydried fig cure is for 2*21 days. after each 21 days, stop for 7 days , total cure should be 42 days. 7 days break is not included. each day it must be prepared fresh.if you want to use dried fig cure for egg split after boiling the dried figs fr 6 minutes, add inside sliced medium size fresh and crisp carrot and boil 4 minutes more . when its prepared in that way, it will help eggs split easier

to increase the effect of this cure, chop 1 egg sized white onion( not red or purple) add 1 tablespoon sumac on it and eat 10-15 mins before food. repeat it 4 times a week. this will also save  you from PCOS


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16-Jun-09 6:31 am

thanks for this study!!

i would totally agree with this study!! i know some ppl from a specific country whose main dish is onion and sumac -i think you know who they are, they have one of the world's highest fertility rates!!

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