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Anyone else with a family "curse"?


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3-Jun-09 1:21 pm

With my family on my mom's side.  She had 2 sisters and 1 brother.  She had me and my brother.  My dad was an only child, but my grandmother did lose another boy.      My uncle my mom's brother had a boy and girl. One of my mom's sister had a boy and lost a boy at 20 wks.  Since then I am the only one that had any children out of the grandchildren so that makes no girls for at least 23 years for the immediate family.

 Now my DH's family my MIL is one of 6 children 2 boys and 4 girls.   Her dad was one of 6 boys in his family though.  My MIL had twins two boys that is it. There is basically a even mix throughout his family.  The grandchildren that had children-  We have 3 boys basically since ODS is not dh's they consider him one of family though, but I am not counting it.  Sean's brother had a girl she is 3. His cousin had a girl and boy,  his other cousin had a girl, and his other cousin just had a boy.

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