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Updated my blog finally!!! WE ARE HOME............UPDATE!!!!!!I :)Please God Help My Son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~for my 5 cuties~

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30-May-09 1:02 pm

This is all I can do to manage this horrible drive to the children's hospital my son is being flown to in a helicopter & they don't have any room for me so I have to drive. Please, please pray for Anthony! He fell out his bedroom window second story on to my cement driveway on his head. He for sure has a broken arm and severe swelling in his head. Oh god I don't know I'll make it through this if he's not OK. Please God I don't ask for much, please? Pray for us, you guys were the only place I could think to come too for support and prayers! Please!?!?

Update: My little fighter is doing considerably well I guess. He has a skull fracture from his eyebrow all the way back to the base of his neck straight down the middle of his head, he has a concussion, bleeding from his brain, and huge gash on the back of his head, a broken arm, cracked spleen which is causing his stomach to bleed but they say Level 1 is best, Level 4 is worst and his cracked spleen bleed is a Level 1, they know his spine is OK from his collar bone to his rib cage area. He has a neck brace on because they can't rule that out until they can assess him and have absolutely no pain during the assessment and due to ligament pain in his neck when he moves his neck he is pain so they won't be able to remove the neck brace. :( His biggest complaint is the brace because it hurts him and they can't let him sit up to be able to watch cartoons until he can be cleared so he has been staring at the ceiling :( God has answered my prayers so far and thank you for your support and prayers! Please keep them coming, I can't live without my baby. I won't. Thats not an option. My Lil man is going to make it through this! He has to. He just has to. God Please, he has too! He knows his name, my name, grandma, brothers, sister, uncle Vonn who he asked for specifically. He knows the brand of his bike and the color we just bought him for his birthday and he knows he likes video games but can't seem to remember the system or any names of his favorite games but thats OK. I'm happy with what he's shown and I love his nurse. She reminds me of me. No bullshit stubborn kind of person. Lol. Sorry but I got to try to laugh about something cuz I'll go insane if I don't. I have been kicked out of his room for their 7 o'clock assessments they do which no parents are allowed in their rooms for due to privacy concerns with neighbor patients. Please continue to pray. I need you guys! Love, Nicki and Family

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30-May-09 1:04 pm


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30-May-09 7:17 pm

oh i hope he's alright! [:'(] please update us when you can. i'll be thinking of you! Hearts

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30-May-09 7:21 pm

oooh my gosh girl, i hope so much that when you get to the hospital everything is okay with your son, I can't imagine how scared u are right now! sorry this is so late responding, I kept seeing the title to this post but everytime I clicked on it for the last 6 hours it showed me the crying baby.

sending all my love to u girl

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30-May-09 7:22 pm

I will be praying hard for him tonight Pray please keep us posted Sad

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30-May-09 7:24 pm

OMG, Nicki...I'm so sorry. I kept trying to read this, but like Joy, all I got was the crying baby. I will be hoping and praying that Anthony is okay. Stay strong, hon, we're here for you.

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30-May-09 7:28 pm
Me and my DD will be praying for him tonight.. ((Hugs)) you and him are in our thoughts..

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30-May-09 7:28 pm

 Oh gosh I literally started crying when I read this. I'm so sorryy! I'm thinking hard about you guys. &Praying to the best of my ability. Pray Stay strong honey. Update us when everything settles down. Hearts

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30-May-09 7:33 pm

Praying that he recovers super fast. Pray


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30-May-09 7:36 pm

 OMG...I'm praying!  Please update when you can!

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30-May-09 7:36 pm

I am so sorry. I also have seen this title all day but not been able to read the post. I never dreamed it would be anything so awful. I can't imagine how you could make that drive. I am praying hard for Anthony. I hope you can update us soon.

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30-May-09 7:37 pm

 I'm praying for you!  My DH's co worker fell off a very tall semi trailer(300 pound guy) right on his head and God bless him he had someone watching over him and he was fine and perfect as can be...after being treated.  You have hope. 


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30-May-09 7:45 pm

OMG that is so scary!!!!!  I will definitely send some prayers your way!  Update when you can and hopefully everything will be okay!

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30-May-09 7:45 pm

I am hoping beyond hope and praying very hard that your son will be alright. Pray

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30-May-09 7:49 pm

OMG! I'll be praying for your DS all night! Stay strong hun, He'll be just fine and perfect......PrayPrayPray

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