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Our baby was born...

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16-May-09 5:49 pm

My water broke at 5:30 am on May 13th.  We waited around all day for labor to begin, but it didn't.  We were admitted at 7pm and started with Cervidil.  The next morning--no cervical changes.  Still a one with a very soft but high cervix.  So out came the pitocin and the games began.  I attempted to labor without pain relief and made it through a very tough six hours getting from 1-5 cm just using a birthing ball to work through the contractions.  There were some problems getting the epidural in.  It seemed like he hit a nerve, so he moved up my spine.  I had the pleasure of experience twice the needles, which unfortunately caused my poor husband to faint.  I only felt pain relief on one side, so they tilted me to cause the medicine to flow onto the side still feeling pain.  Immediately after getting the epidural I felt something change.  I started feeling a lot of weird pressure.  They checked me and I was at 5cm (first cervical exam of the day because of fears of infection due to my broken waters).  Ten minutes later I said I felt the urge to push so I was checked and I was fully dilated.  My midwife was delivering another baby, so we had to wait about 45 minutes.   I didn't mind because this time the epidural really worked and I felt nothing.  We were talking and laughing, so unlike the labor with my first.  Then the midwife came in and I pushed for painless minutes until I was suddenly a mommy of TWO!  The midwife placed the baby on my chest and covered her genital area with a blanket so we could find out together.  Unfortunately, my husband was a little too excited and blocked my view--lol!  I didn't mind, because he was SO happy and in tears.  He moved his head and I saw that we had a baby.............






--I know this is really easy to say now, but...  As I was laboring, I realized that I was at a place where I knew I'd love my baby boy if this was to be one.  There weren't any doubts at all, just peace.  I was really sure the baby was a boy, so working through that at such a stressful, painful time really showed me my true heart.  I'm so glad I waited to find out, because I feel like I've healed a little bit and like my heart has grown.  I was ready to love my child no matter what, which made me feel a lot better about myself than I felt days before.  It was very troubling to me to be pregnant and to have doubts like that.   Even typing that, I do realize that I've gotten exactly what I wanted...but I KNOW it's true. 


**I'm not comfortable sharing her name on here, since I sort of suspect someone is reading my posts on here that I know IRL because of comments that have been made by her.  Sorry to sound paranoid, but it's a nosy relative and I don't want her bashing me to the family about things I've said on here.  If she's reading this...please get a life!

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16-May-09 5:55 pm

Congratulations! I've been checking in hoping to see an update from you. Enjoy your sweet new baby girl!

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16-May-09 5:56 pm

 Congrats! What a great surprise Heart Can you post pix in TP or anything????

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16-May-09 5:58 pm


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16-May-09 7:01 pm

Happy CelebrateCongratulations on your baby girl!!!Happy Celebrate

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16-May-09 7:03 pm


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16-May-09 7:07 pm

a huge congrats to your family on your new baby girl! hopefully the person stalking ur posts gets a life of her own!

CONGRATS! Happy Celebrate

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16-May-09 11:55 pm

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17-May-09 12:09 am

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17-May-09 12:27 am


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19-May-09 8:09 pm

 Congrats on your new daughter, sisters are great!!Enjoy.

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19-May-09 8:18 pm


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21-May-09 2:28 pm



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21-May-09 3:06 pm

What a wonderful surprise!  Congrats! 

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21-May-09 3:09 pm
Congratulations on your precious baby girl Hearts.

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