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Maisie Isobel is here!

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16-May-09 3:00 pm

Hi everyone!

We are just back from hospital. Our beautiful daughter arrived at 10.09am on Thursday 14th May by c-section. We have decided to call her Maisie Isobel. She is feeding really well and is just such a sweetie. Our family is complete thanks to the wonderful ladies at In-Gender!!

I have not downloaded my photos yet but here is one that my sister put on her facebook, more to follow!

Mel xox

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Baby Girl Maisie Isobel arrived 14th May 2009!


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16-May-09 3:02 pm

Wow SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute, and her name is one of the cutest I have EVER heard. Enjoy every minute!!


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16-May-09 3:36 pm

Congrats! what a sweet picture of you and little Maisie!!!!!!

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16-May-09 3:39 pm

Happy CelebrateCongratulations on your new baby girl!!!Happy Celebrate

I love her name and the two of you are very beautiful!!!

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16-May-09 3:43 pm

 Congratulations! She is gorgeous, and so is her name!

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16-May-09 3:49 pm

Congratulations!! She is beautiful!

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16-May-09 4:19 pm

She is so very, very sweet!  Congratulations!  I love her name.


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16-May-09 4:20 pm

Congrats and enjoy!

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16-May-09 4:27 pm

Yeah!  She is beautiful....and you look so happy!!!!  Congrats!

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16-May-09 4:28 pm

I love her name... its almost as cute as she is!!

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16-May-09 4:49 pm

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16-May-09 4:52 pm

Maisie is such a cute name she's lovely.congratulations.




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16-May-09 5:01 pm


She's very beautiful! Hearts

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16-May-09 5:16 pm

Cute name ~ beautiful baby!  Congrats!

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16-May-09 7:04 pm



Cute name ~ beautiful baby!  Congrats!

Ditto! Congrats on your baby girl!!

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