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NTJ update- no transfer!

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23-Jun-07 9:39 am

Thanks ladies, I really appreciate your support.

Here is my update:

Eggs Retrieved: 14

Eggs Fertilized: 11

Day3 Report:

Four embryos were dead or less than 5 cells…so no PGD for those embryos.

Out of remaining 7 embryos, one was at 8 cells stage, 3 were at 7 cells & 3 were at 5 cells stage.

Day5 PGD Report:

Four males & 2 females!! One was undetermined.

All 4 male and 2 female embryos were abnormal & top of that out of those 6 embryos none reached at Blastocyst stage!!So,NO TRANSFER for me!!!!!

I had notion that I was ready for every outcome in this cycle…but clearly not for this. In my previous cycle I had 6 normal male embryos (blasts) & none of them was abnormal. At this point, I am shocked! In such a short period of time, I transformed into completely indifferent & infertile woman with max. no. of abnormal genes! Everybody at the clinic tried to explain me that its normal to have these kinds of results…. there were no such issue that this time embryologist was different, protocol dosage were not well adjusted & lab results will possibly go wrong!! One part of me really wants to believe all this but what if one or all of these things were true! PGD accuracy for aneuploidy is only 90% so, isn’t there a great possibility that out of those 6 abnormal, one was normal! I am not sure why any of them didn’t reach to blast this time…. maybe this time PGD was performed by different embryologist with less optimal skills….

I have great sympathy for those who got negative or no transfer in June cycle group. Cheers for those who got positive.

I know women on this board are so graceful & taking things easily even in the worst situations. For me, things are not simple for many reasons. I feel like that my body is so messed up with all those crazy hormones. I am financially and emotionally broken. It will sure take some time to think about my next step. Trying to stop ramble and moving on….


IVF/MS/PGD cycles(Fresh & FET) in 2006...All embryos PGD normal,No Implantation! Fresh IVF/PGD cycle in June 2007...All embryos PGD abnormal,No Transfer!