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BFP- My Girl Sway

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11-May-09 2:01 pm

I am 32 years old and have one DS who is 20 months old.  I got my BFP on CD 31 and again on CD 32.  This was my first month attempting.  I'm really shocked I even got a BFP b/c I was going for a 2-3 day cut-off but think I O'd later than expected.  Here was my sway:

  • supplements for about 3 months:  1000 mg of Calcium, 500 mg of Magnesium, pre-natal vitamin, vitamin C, about 6 cranberry pills a day.
  • DH supplements:  1000 mg of Calcium, 500 mg of Magnesium, licorice root.
  • aware of diet but didn't strictly follow it.  basically eliminated bananas, caffeine, tomatoes, potatoes, ate more yogurt and cottage cheese, and snacked on craisins all day at work.  Tried to eat less salt.  also drank perrier once a day.  I cheated several times, especially during 2 WW.  Tried to be good during AF to O.  DH didn't change his diet accept for reducing amount of bananas to about 2 a week, no caffeine on days of attempts, and limited tomatoes.
  • PH:  not sure of my PH b/c I could never get a good reading.  my CM didn't really register and often I didn't have enough CM to test.  DH's PH was around an 8 the two times I checked (several weeks before our attempt).
  • Full Moon, but my DS was conceived during the New Moon.  I wore a negative ion bracelet and rose quartz/hematite bracelet.  I also think the fan was on in our room during the attempts.  We live about 3 miles from the ocean and spent some time at the beach the day of first attempt.
  • DH had released daily CD 7 to CD 11 to lower sperm.  DH also went for an hour bike ride before 1st attempt (just coincidentally).
  • Two attempts.  First attempt was CD 12 and the second attempt was CD 13.  Expected to O on CD 15 but OPKs had very faint lines in AM and PM of CD 15.  The AM of CD 16 I think i had my first + OPK.  Cramps in the evening and very faint line in the PM.  The AM of CD 17 I had another + OPK and cramps.  By PM of CD 17 the OPK was negative.  Based on OPKs I'm thinking I O'd sometime CD 16 or maybe CD 17 (which would be a 3 or 4 day cut-off)???
  • Both attempts were in the evening.  DH took hot shower before attempt on CD 12.  I had a really bad cold and sinus infection the prior week and had been on sudafed consistently for several days.  Took a sudafed about an hour before each attempt.  Had virtually no CM.
  • Did 50/50 lime/distilled water douche (10 ml) an hour before each attempt.  Missionary style, no big O for me, very shallow penetration.  1st attempt- followed up with about 2 ml of lime douche 5 min. after DTD.  2nd attempt- followed up with 1 ml of lime douche about 20 min. after DTD.  No lime tampon either time as the lime douche was really irritating to me.  No jump and dump- i waited about an hour after each attempt before going to the bathroom.
I think that's about it!  If anyone can think of anything I left out, please let me know.  I will definitely update when I find out the gender.  Keep your fingers crossed please!!!

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11-May-09 2:16 pm

 I just thought of one more thing i forgot.  We used canola oil as lube for both attempts :)

Baby Boy 2007 and Baby Boy#2 due January 13 (failed girl sway attempt)! 

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11-May-09 2:47 pm

i think you did great! and i really hope you hear pink!!
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11-May-09 2:48 pm

 You did good!

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11-May-09 2:50 pm

Sounds like a great sway! I hope you get your girl!!

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11-May-09 7:07 pm

Looks like a great sway!!! GL!Good Luck Clover


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12-May-09 2:49 am
Congratulations and GL.

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12-May-09 2:58 am

Sounds like a great attempt to me.  I hope you hear pink.  Well done!


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12-May-09 1:33 pm

 thanks everyone!

Baby Boy 2007 and Baby Boy#2 due January 13 (failed girl sway attempt)! 

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12-May-09 2:13 pm

 Congrats on the BFP and thanks for sharing your sway.  Can't wait to hear your gender news!! 



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18-Aug-09 4:51 pm

just wanted to let everyone know that i had my big ultrasound today and my girl sway resulted in another boy!  i can't say i'm entirely surprised, but the news is a little bittersweet.  anyway, wanted to be sure to come back and post the outcome.

good luck to everyone!

Baby Boy 2007 and Baby Boy#2 due January 13 (failed girl sway attempt)! 

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1-Sep-09 2:57 am
Congrats on your baby boy. Hearts

Baby Boy Baby Boy prayed & swayed Baby Girl coming August. 100% complete thanks IG Love Ya!

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1-Sep-09 10:32 am

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2-Sep-09 5:48 am

Congrats on you baby boy, and thanks for coming back to update! Sounds like he was meant to be! Hearts

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