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28-Apr-09 4:12 pm

 So I already posted in my "worried" thread but I had to announce "I saw the HEARTBEAT". Little mini flutter, little mini placenta... talk about sigh of relief.

But my doc said the baby is only measuring 8 weeks (instead of 8w6d) so I probably O'd later than I thought... which means I probably got a rsuper early BFP (hope that doesn't mean GIRL, LOL). So, he thinks I may be due Dec 7th instead of Dec 3nd but he won't change my due date til my next appointment to double check.

And he told me to stop taking pregnancy tests and if I'm worried to just call and come in for an ultrasound.  I Heart my doctor and his nurse. They are so awesome!!!

Thank you ladies for all your support!!


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28-Apr-09 4:20 pm

That is wonderful!! I'm so glad that everything is ok and you are relieved!

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28-Apr-09 4:29 pm

Woo Hoo!!~

That is wonderful! I am glad that you are able to have some peace of mind..Happy Wink

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28-Apr-09 4:44 pm

Congratulations!  I was just thinking about you & wondering how things went.  I'm glad it went well! Happy

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28-Apr-09 4:47 pm

Yay!!!!!!!! So glad your appt. went well!

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28-Apr-09 4:50 pm

 OK.. now that I'm looking at all these 8 week ultrasound pics... I don't see a placenta. Am I dumb? Is it not developed yet? If you click on my image in the first post, it'll get bigger, but what is on the bottom left? When he measured the baby, he measured the top right (what looks like the baby)... so I just assumed what was on the bottom was the placenta...

He said everything is looking like it should look at this stage... Maybe a vanishing twin? 

Then I saw this

Preggo with an oops!!

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28-Apr-09 4:56 pm

This pregnancy started out as twins, but one did not develop. The dr. said that it would vanish maybe by my next u/s (in 2 weeks).

My 7 week u/s picture is posted here and you can clearly see 2 sacs and 1 baby: 

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28-Apr-09 5:12 pm

 Maybe that's why he's having me back in 2 weeks... which I thought was odd! Hmmm

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28-Apr-09 6:31 pm

That's good, you can relax now. :-).

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