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Nervous... lighter pregnancy test- HELP

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27-Apr-09 8:35 pm

 So last night I ate WAY too many lentils and had a wicked tummy ache and wicked gas... so I attributed it to the lentils. Then today I had (3) frappucinnos (homemade) ... I know horrible but i was all I could stomach.  So then I randomly decide to take a HPT (IC) and the test line is lighter than the test line of one I took last week!! I'm freaking out!  Would the frappucinnos dilute my pee enough? I thought only water would do that? Or am I losing my babe?

My appt is tomorrow and I'm so worried that he's gonna say "no heartbeat" or something!! 

Never been this worried about my lil' bean before!! Tongue Tied


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27-Apr-09 8:39 pm

I would say it's just the test.  Maybe 1/2 a dud or something.  GL at your appt tomorrow.  Hope you hear the HB, they say once you hear the HB, the risk for m/c goes down!  Try not to stress! 


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27-Apr-09 8:48 pm

Could've been the tests, or maybe the fraps messed up your pee strength a bit. There will be different hcg levels at different times during the day, and if you've been drinking a lot of anything, it'd be easy to dilute it. I know they say coffee is not a diuretic, but I don't believe them. If I have more than 1 cup I have to pee every dang 10 minutes.

I'm sure it's nothing to be worried about. 


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27-Apr-09 8:50 pm

Fraps can definitely dilute your pee! Happy Wink

I am happy to hear that you get to see the babe tomorrow, and have peace of mind. Love Ya!

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27-Apr-09 8:54 pm
I agree with the others that your pee was just diluted. Can't wait to see your update tomorrow!

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27-Apr-09 9:07 pm

 Thanks for the encouragement ladies. So do you think the stomach ache was just gas then? So worried it's going to be ectopic.

Preggo with an oops!!

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27-Apr-09 9:10 pm

So do you think the stomach ache was just gas then?

I think so! If it were ectopic, I think you would have had severe cramping from the beg. Ever since I found out I am preggo, my stomach has stayed unhappy with me. I can not eat anything with any flavor or my stomach is upset! 

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27-Apr-09 9:10 pm

I think its just the test some have less dye than others and all the liquids might not of helped. I hope and pray your little bean is OK Keep us posted Pray

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27-Apr-09 9:21 pm

So do you think the stomach ache was just gas then?


I had such horrible gas pain early on in my 2nd pregnancy.  It was so bad that sometimes I couldn't even stand up straight!  That pregnancy was perfectly healthy.  GL with your appt tomorrow!

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27-Apr-09 11:32 pm

 Aww I'm SURE its not ectopic hun Love Ya! Big hugs to you I know how it feels to be so scared. But I really think you are fine, that test could've shown up dark for any number of reasons. Please update us ASAP after your appt<3

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28-Apr-09 12:01 am

 Dont worry hun its not ectopic im sure all is fine,

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28-Apr-09 2:29 am

 I know exactly what you're feeling, I get anxious about things too and look crazy stuff up which makes me worry more! I seriously doubt its ectopic though, online it says ectopic pregnancies only effect 1.9% of the "pregnant population", so, its pretty rare! The risk factors are: maternal age, current smoking, previous ectopic pregnancy, previous tubal litagation, previous ongoing genital infections, & previous IUD used for b/c. 

So, unless you have more than 1 or 2 of those, its extremely unlikely. Don't stress  girl (easier said then done, I know)!! :) 

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28-Apr-09 6:05 am

 awww I bet you're fine!!! Maybe your hcg peaked earlier than 12 weeks and is already starting to go back down? I dunno, it was probably dilute pee or a weird test or something. Can't wait to hear the good news today!

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28-Apr-09 10:26 am

I am sure you are going to have great news at your appt. Lentils would make anyone gassy- the fiber. I am willing to bet any liquids would dilute your urine and give you a lighter line on your test. We'll be waiting for your update!

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28-Apr-09 10:31 am

I'm in agreement with the other girls. I think it was just diluted and that you'll be ok. I hope your feeling well and keep us updated. Love Ya!

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