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mmmmmmm watermelon.......

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27-Apr-09 2:44 pm

 Today I found something that sounds good to me and not only that, I think it must be a great way to get liquids since I can't tolerate drinking most of the day! This is the third time I've eaten it today! Happy LMAO Glad it's getting to be summer! 

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27-Apr-09 7:38 pm

 Oh, I love watermelon. I wish they would just sell the juice. I could live in it.... so delicious!!

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27-Apr-09 7:39 pm

You just made me hungry! Hmmm...should I send DH out for some?

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27-Apr-09 7:42 pm

 Watermelon is my go-to food when I have a tummy ache. Quenches your thirst soo well!!


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27-Apr-09 7:44 pm

MMMM...  I just finished one of my most recent must haves.  Dole fruit pops.  I have them in Strawberry, tangerine, lime, mixed berry, and grape. A bit obsessed I know.   YUMMM...

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27-Apr-09 7:45 pm

I could (and do) eat watermelon every day!  Pineapple too!  YUMMY!


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27-Apr-09 11:33 pm

I wish they would just sell the juice.

DITTO!!! I like to cut mine up into cubes and put it in a container....juice eventually gathers at the bottom, MMM!!!!

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