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Day 11 u/s results!! (Question about uterine lining and estrace)

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27-Apr-09 8:40 am

I did not do IUF (I did IVF/PGD), but with the lining improvement, I took Progesterone shot (IM) from the day of Egg Retrieval....and Estradiol patch. 

The most important thing is to consult with your main doctor who is doing your do not want to take anything without consulting with them, or, you can "suggest" your doctor, "I want to take xxxx as I have concerns....". 

Beginning of my cycle, I questioned a lot to my doctor....and he explained to me why he would (or would not) do certain things or medications.  You need to communicate with your doctor, and you want to feel connectetd and understood.  I think that is one of the most important element for the success. 

Good luck!  My doctor's office thinks I am crazy as I called them a lot, you sometime feel you don't want to bother them as much, but you should bother when something bothers you!!!

Me: Age 43  DH: Age 38 

Baby Girl 10/99 Baby Boy 12/00 Baby Boy 12/07   

1st IVF/PGD 11/08, 16 eggs retrieved, 9 PGD, 2 normal ET, BFN. 

2nd IVF/PGD ER 3/20/09 ET 3/25/09 14 retrieved, 9 PGD, 2 ET, Beta 4/6/09...439 (BFP) 4/14...3,600

1st U/S 4/21 Singleton with strong heartbeat!!  She looks good so far! Baby Girl...Thank you Dr' Denker (Boca FL)