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My O-ed date favored boy or girl moon phase?

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26-Apr-09 9:11 am

I O-ed wither at April 3rd-4th or Apr 5th, 2009. This is more likely in boy or girl phase? I knoW new moon phase start on Mar 25 and full moon phase start from Apr 9th.

I sway for a girl and wear the negative ion and used crystal light lamp also.


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26-Apr-09 1:31 pm

 Girl I believe. This question would be better asked in the swaying forums

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26-Apr-09 2:54 pm

sure, will do. Thanks.

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26-Apr-09 3:46 pm

whoops, i moved a post similar to this from the swaying forums to the preg forums (or the 2ww forums?)

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26-Apr-09 4:26 pm

 Well "new moon" is considered new moon until the frst day of full moon, so I'd say"New moon"... that sways girl, I think? GL

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26-Apr-09 9:44 pm

I hope so also. The reason I asked is that I saw some moms said paricular name of the new moon phase.


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