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i think july is gilrs month

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20-Apr-09 1:31 pm

 i think mostly girls are born on july am i right?


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20-Apr-09 3:48 pm

Yes I think you are right. Someone did a poll earlier too and I think most were girls. :)


I'm girl


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21-Apr-09 8:59 am

 I think that you are right. I read and see mostly girls are expected this month.

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24-Apr-09 10:19 pm

 I'm having a boy !!Baby Bear Boy

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24-Apr-09 11:31 pm

 You know I honestly think this site isn't the truest there may be more girls than normal because of all the ladies who sway or go high-tech, KWIM??? I was thinking about this the other day

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14-May-09 8:16 pm

 I'm having a girl but NO high tech here!  well ivf.. but thats for infertility and in Aust we tend to get more boys from ivf from what we've worked out.

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