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Im going to the Doctors!!!


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6-Jun-07 8:23 pm

Hey- big lurker here! Just wanted any opinions I could have!


I am in Perth, Australia!

I have a OB that is I am really close too! I am going to discuss high tech options and going forwards to the committee on my behalf. I have several points I think she would argue for me so I can do PGD at home and am going to ask her to go to the committee so I do not have to travel.

Firstly Abigail had a chromozonal problem that had kidney links. Secondly 2 out of 3 of my boys are on the autism spectrum. Logan is to little to have any indication of ASD yet but I think he doesn't have any of the signs the other 2 boys did. If I had a boy next time we would go to six children  (five living). The number five does not bother me but IF i had another boy next time the chance of him being on the Autism spectrum or a learning disorder is 40%- that is a pretty high percentage. If I have a gril it drops to 5%. That is a huge difference. I just don't think I could cope with three special needs children or maybe for depending on Logans outcome.  My eldest Aiden has the mildest of mild (hardly noticeable) where as Declan is lot more moderate and high maintainence. Not to mention that every pg or m/c I have had I have been afraid of another chromozonal abnormality which would mean the loss of another child. I just don't think I can take any more. I would love one more pg with out most of the worry  (there is always worry) and of the desired gender. If I get twins so be it! Like I said 5 does not bother me however having another child with difficultiies does- yes there is not guarentee with a girl but most abnormalities can be cut out be testing and although autism can not be tested for it is 10 times less likely in a female..

I think if I argue these points- and the fact I have lost a little girl I may get the committee's approval for IVF/PGD! What do you guys think?

My DH would do it if we could do it here- although i could problem convince him to go abroad I would like to do it with a OB I have known for years who will support me- and the fact that I have already had Fert drugs to fall with Aiden (who started out as triplet) makes me think I could handle the procedures. We would refinance our house!

Do you think this sounds reasonable!

Thanks so much for listening!


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6-Jun-07 8:29 pm
im so sorry for you losses (((hugs)))!  i dont know what your odds are, but if anyone deserves it,you do!  i send you lots of luck and positive thoughts!  keep us posted!Heart

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6-Jun-07 9:24 pm

Liv - I have no idea how strict they really are on the guidelines but just wanted to wish you the absolute best of luck! I have everything crossed for you.  It certainly sounds reasonable to me.

God this country really needs to change it's laws, the amount of women on here alone that would used IVF/PGD if it was available to use is huge.  All these women that keep having babies adding to the pressure on the economy, welfare etc just to get their dream..... They should make it more accessable to us all :)


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6-Jun-07 11:16 pm

Good Luck! I will be hoping for the very best news for you!


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21-Jun-07 9:16 pm

Good Luck and let us know how things go.  TJ

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27-Jun-07 5:26 pm

Hey, I think you do whatever works and if you can get everything done here, well power to you I say.  Keep us posted on where this takes you, I'd be interested to know more.


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