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Tomorrow is the big day!!!


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7-Apr-09 12:46 pm

 Tomorrow at 11:15 I will be delivering my baby girl by c-section! I can't believe the day is finally here!!! It has been a long road after loosing a baby and taking a couple of months of getting pregnant the day is here.Tomorrow will be a year and half in the making. Please keep me in your prayers that she comes out happy and healthy.


I will post when I can.

Good Luck April girls!

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7-Apr-09 6:44 pm

I hope everything goes easy with you. Good luck hunHearts

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7-Apr-09 7:02 pm

 Good luck!  Wishing you a safe delivery and a speedy recovery. 

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7-Apr-09 9:18 pm

 Loads of Pray coming your way and that soon you are holding your little Baby Girl happy and healthy! Love Ya!

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8-Apr-09 4:15 am
You lucky lady!!! Hope everything goes as smoothly and painless as possible for you honey xxx

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8-Apr-09 9:47 pm

Good luck! Looking forward to some pictures!

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8-Apr-09 10:43 pm

  Sending you lots of well wishes!

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8-Apr-09 10:50 pm

All the best for a happy, healthy girl! 

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10-Apr-09 12:45 pm

Best wishes for tomorrow! What a special day and have a Blessed Easter too.

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25-Apr-09 9:51 pm

Hope everything went well...!

Did she ever post an update, or has anyone heard from her?? Forum search is disabled so I'm not sure.


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26-May-09 2:17 pm

 Sorry it took so long girls being a mother of two has me very busy! Stella was born April 8th at 11:52 AM via c-section 8lbs 4oz 20.75 in. She is a beauty and we r very much in love with her. I will post pix soon!

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