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PGD probe 9 vs. 12

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1-Jun-07 6:47 pm

I can only hope that our embryologist works as hard as hola’s. Perhaps more of us will find that we have another good embie in the mix. 


Exactly, I wish the same thing. In fact PGD lab is the most crucial thing in the whole process. To be gently honest, in my previous 2 cycles at GIVF, I never got a chance to meet the embryologist. Talking and discussion was the remote thing! This time I have many questions to discuss with the embryologist.

One more thing I want to inquire about PGD…..In some labs, why Day-5 transfer is necessary in each and every case of PGD? Here, on this Forum, read PinkPixieDust’s success story in her first IVF/PGD attempt. She was under Dr. Jamie (James) Grifo’s care in NYU IVF in New York City. It was a Day-4 single embryo transfer instead of Day-5 blastocyst!

Another IVF/PGD success story is also Day-3 transfer (morning PGD testing & same day evening transfer!) .It was also first IVF/PGD attempt with single embryo transfer! Please read Baybee3’s story (BFP!).

Maybe, embryos can survive better in-vivo than in-vitro? That’s maybe one of the several reasons of success but even if; it has a tiny bit part in success then why other REs don’t consider the same? Ok, not in all cases, but when someone has already failed cycles, chances of getting less no. of embryos (like with particular protocol or something else) or any other risk where keeping embryos in lab till day-5 could be critical for them?  If PGD is done at Day-3 then after the result why they don’t transfer it as early as possible? I understand the clinic's protocol, office hour & working staff problem in evening hours or certain days are holidays but nothing can weigh up against positive result!

IVF/MS/PGD cycles(Fresh & FET) in 2006...All embryos PGD normal,No Implantation! Fresh IVF/PGD cycle in June 2007...All embryos PGD abnormal,No Transfer!