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Newbie...want to sway for boy & need your advice! :)

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2-Apr-09 3:48 pm
Hi everyone! I'm new here (I posted this on another board, but just found this one). My DH and I want to TTC next year and after buying Dr. Shettles book and researching many methods, I decided I should do some major research now so it makes sense when the time comes. We'd love to have a boy first. Just of of curiosity exactly how "by the book" did you follow all the tips/advice on here? Could anyone be really descriptive about what they did when it worked? Did you use any of the diet info? Where did you get a PH test kit (or didn't you use one?). The PH thing seems to be a huge part in this, and would love to hear some safe ways to raise it. Some of the baking soda and robatussin things kind of scare me. Any other suggestions? I've been lurking on here for a while, and i have to say I love the people on here because they're all so nice and supportive. Nice to see more people that are interested in gender selection and are helpful :). Go team blue!

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3-Apr-09 11:12 am

Read through the FAQ, it'll really help. And here is the BOY sway and outcome chart

We used Shettles (only) before I knew about all this and got a boy first and same with second. You can drink alkalizing green drinks to safely raise pH and make sure you AVOID pop, sugar, crystal lite and anything sugary. GL!

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3-Apr-09 12:35 pm

Hi babyonthebrain!

I read shettles thoroughly with my second and my timing was right on and end up with a girl.  Shettles does not emphasize the importance of the ph level.  He gives it one paragraph on how you should be alkaline for a boy.  But besides goes on to say that they do not even recommend a BS douche anymore.  Anyway I am now almost 18 weeks preggo with #3.  This time around I followed his timing as close to ovulation but I also followed all the other steps here.  DH and I took the supplements, followed the diet for 6 weeks, did the BSF everyday 3X a day,  did the douche an hour before, used mucinex, drank ASG 3X a day , and used egg whites the time of conception.  I luckily got pregnant the first go round because it is a tough diet to live on.  I too was very scared of the doing these things.  After I found out I was preggo my anxiety grew 10 fold.   Well now 18 weeks later my AFPS were great my NT scan was great.  So as long as you take plenty of folic acid as I did you and your baby will be fine.

One note priort to learning about this, my diet and my hubbys diet was very acidic.  We lived on dairy, he drank a gallon of milk a day, I lived on artificial sweetner.  Diet everything was my life,  I consumed as well as lots of yogart.  Hopefully with upping our PH we got our little boy.  I find out on April 15.

P.S. Joe~Ann~Mae when I was catching up on reading all the posts you so excited me about what your doc said about you acne.  Mine said the same thing to me at 12 weeks about the type of acne it is, where it is located, and all.  He said looks to me like there is a lot of testosterone in there by the symptoms.  Oh I pray he is right for me, my dh and my girls!

Good luck! Blue Dust to everyone

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4-May-09 6:45 pm

 I'm curious did you get your boy?

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5-May-09 1:28 pm


 I'm curious did you get your boy?

Sorry to answer for pleasesayxy ,but she post in Sept thread she's having a girl.

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