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I just had my I NEED FOOD NOW! moment!

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2-Apr-09 8:06 am

I woke up hungry! never happens! I went for years I never even knew what "hungry" felt like!

I got to work and my tummy was grumbling! again.. this doesn't happen very often!

A co-worker turned to me and said " hey! I am doing a Mc. Donald run.. wanna come!" .. expecting me to say no. I ALWAYS say no.. I turned and said " oh my gawd yessssssssss!".

I got the kids pancake meal with choco milk and a hashbrown AND a sausage 'n egg mc muffin! I just finished it ALL!!..

this is  A LOT of food for me!!! just the sausage 'n egg mc muffin is usually WAY too much food for me alone!


Yep... NEEDED fooooood.. all I had for breaky was my usual grapes and milk..  and that wasn't going to cut it this morning!

Anyone have one of these yet? or am I just being a gluten?


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4-Apr-09 12:16 pm

Nope, you are not a glutton. I am hungry all the time! Only problem is we don've the food in the house that I want to eat. DH is a savy shopper and a healthy eater. So I can only dream. I want subs with mayo, ham, turykey, lettuce, tomato. I would like choc. ice cream, and some good sour pickles! Instead we have wheat bread and peanut butter for luch, applesauce. I used to eat subs, pringles and Dr. Pepper for supper when I worked!

You need more than grapes and milk for breakfast! It's okay. All things in moderation.

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