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At what week did you have your babies???

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25-Mar-09 8:55 pm
i was just wondering actually last month is dragging so i was just wondering how many of you had your babies at 38 or be4 that i am hoping that i have my baby at 38
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25-Mar-09 8:56 pm

DS 38.4

DD1 38.0

DD2 37.3 Induced

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25-Mar-09 8:57 pm
hey did you do anything to have your baby at 38 or was it natural
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25-Mar-09 9:04 pm

I took Evening Primrose oil starting at 36 weeks.  It primes your cervix.  And had my dr strip my membranes.  Went into labor 48 hours after with DS and less than 24 hours after with DD2.  i was nervous to try and " self induce" before 38 weeks, but a membrane strip wont work unless your cervix is ready.  I think that the EPO helped with that.  Good luck.

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25-Mar-09 9:07 pm

 DD 37.0 induced for pre-e

DS 41.6 came on his own



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25-Mar-09 9:08 pm

 DS1 38.3

DS2 38.0


went into labor naturally with both :)


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25-Mar-09 9:34 pm
41 weeks 1 day with DS, 41 week 2 days with DD. GL!!!
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25-Mar-09 9:37 pm

DS1 - 41.3 wks

DS2 - 40wks

DS3 - 38wks

DS4 - 37.6wks

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25-Mar-09 9:38 pm

39 week c/s with ds #1 (severe preeclampsia, no labor)

37 week vbac with ds #2 (went into labor naturally)

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25-Mar-09 9:41 pm

R:  40 weeks, 2 days

J:  40 weeks, 1 day

I went into labor naturally with both. If the pattern continues, this one should arrive on her due date!

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26-Mar-09 12:16 am

I've always gone early, my first I was 39.5, twins I aws 38, then 37 (induced) and then 39.3 ~ this one I'm assuming I'll go sometime between 38 and 39wks. When I add up the days I'm pg I've never been pg for more than 263 days, same with my mom so I guess I just don't bake them past my edd's lol



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26-Mar-09 9:39 am

 I had him at 40 weeks, 4 days.

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26-Mar-09 9:43 am


DD2--37w5d(induced due to complications in labor with DD1)


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26-Mar-09 10:17 am

Can't really help - I was induced at week 38 with my son but wanted to say Congrats and you are SO close!!

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26-Mar-09 10:33 am

DD1 40w3d natural

DD2 37w induction due to ruptured membranes

DS1 41w3 natural


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