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Hardwood Floor Help

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25-Mar-09 7:03 pm

I am hoping someone on here can help me out.  I have hardwood in the entry of my home.  I don't know if it has been treated but I suspect it has.  I do know that it is hardwood and not a laminate floor. 
Here is what I need help with.  The floor is really beat up in the walk way area.  Is there a way I can "re-do" the floor myself or make it look better.  I just don't have the money to have the floors redone by the pros.  Any ideas to make it look better, is I welcome.  Thanks!

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25-Mar-09 7:21 pm

How big is the entry area? You can rent a heavy duty hand sander (the ones the pros use for tight spaces) and do it yourself. Then stain it and varnish it. I wouldn't think the whole thing would cost more than $200.

If not, get a big rug, LOL.

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25-Mar-09 8:20 pm

Go to home depot and rent a floor sander. That's what we do and then stain and varnish it ourselves.

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25-Mar-09 8:33 pm

My husband refinished the hardwood floor in the bedroom of our first house. We had to rent two sanders--one to do the main parts of the floor and the other to do the edges. It was about $100 for the rental of both, plus the polyurethane or whatever you finish it with. It was really hard work. He called me at work a few minutes into it and said there was no way he could do it. But we'd already spent the $100 so he kept going. He ended up doing a really beautiful job, but it was not easy.

We have hardwood in our current house in the front hall and kitchen. It's getting pretty beat up (especially where the kitchen chairs are), but I'm hoping that someday we can hire someone to do this job, although it might be a while.

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2-Apr-09 12:18 pm

Thanks everyone.  I think I may need to just invest in a good area rug Happy Wink for now at least since I need to do the work myself. 

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