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Baby boys names Poll ... please help

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25-Mar-09 10:41 am

Hi everyone Happy

we are expecting baby number 2 in June, and i am 100% convinved its another boy. Only thing is me and dp cannot agree on names and i'm almost 29 weeks pregnant. I think it would help me bond more with the baby if i had a name for him.

So please can you vote for your favourite in the list?

we already have Luke, middle name Matthew. He's just turned 2.

The surname will be Varey.

Thanks in advance xx




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25-Mar-09 10:43 am

LOVE Jude!!!  We're actually thinking about using it if our #2 is a boy too!

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25-Mar-09 10:44 am

I picked Shaye because I love this name! If we have a boy he will be "Shea" traditional Irish spelling..

congrats !! hope you can both find the right name you both love!

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25-Mar-09 10:59 am

I picked Chase.  That is my favorite and Blake would be second.  Those are actually the names I will choose from if I have another boy!!  GL

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25-Mar-09 10:59 am

I love Jude. I think it goes well with Luke!

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25-Mar-09 11:57 am

 I'm torn between Jude and Blake-both cool names. Either one - it would just depend on how it would go with your last name.

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25-Mar-09 1:22 pm

 I voted Jude, although Luke and Jude almost rhyme with each other, sometimes you may ended calling the wrong son, LOL. 

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25-Mar-09 1:55 pm
I voted Jude because Luke & Matthew are both Greek Bible names like Jude!
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25-Mar-09 2:47 pm


Voted Jude!!! Great name :)

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25-Mar-09 9:13 pm

I voted for Blake, that is the name we are thinking about for this one!

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26-Mar-09 8:45 am

I like when siblings names go well together. Luke Matthew is nice and strong and traditional. How about Joseph Michael or Paul Andrew to compliment the older boy's name?

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26-Mar-09 10:33 am

Loving Blake. I would totally name mine that except it doesn't go with Kenneth our already picked middle name GL!

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26-Mar-09 10:37 am

I love Jude


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26-Mar-09 1:16 pm


Loving Blake. I would totally name mine that except it doesn't go with Kenneth our already picked middle name GL!

I think Blake Kenneth is adorable!

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26-Mar-09 1:18 pm

LOVE Jude! Always have. And he would have a perfect song just for him:)

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