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did u tell anyone yet......

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26-Mar-09 6:58 am

Umm, yeah, I've told too many people already. DH doesn't want his parents or anyone to know until 12 weeks. However, if I did have a miscarriage his parents would have to know b/c we would be going to the  Dr's a few times for blood work etc. They are the ones that would be watching our girls. They live within a 3min walk of us so not many secrets there! I've told my sis. in WA and my cousin who is newly preg. she will be watching my girls for my first appt. (8wks) Then of course I told my mom friends - I don't care if they know. Most of them have been through losses too. I guess I just wouldn't want neighbors to know or people that are skeptical of people with larger families. THAT bothers me. Why can't people be happy when someone is preg. Babies are a miracle. Some of my old co-workers were rather judgemental-that's life I guess, gotta have a tough skin. Dh would kill me if he knew how many people I've told!

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