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My baby girl at 19wk scan

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23-Mar-09 11:07 pm

Baby Bear GirlHearts

Full-size image


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23-Mar-09 11:08 pm


Full-size image

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24-Mar-09 7:11 am

congrats on the little girl.

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surprise baby due 3/23/11!!!!  it's a  Baby Girl!     I prayed for gods will and he blessed me with a beautiful and healthy baby girl!


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24-Mar-09 10:07 am

She's so cute and definitely a girl!  Congrats!



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24-Mar-09 12:12 pm

 Aww is this the picture you said looked similar to my 18 week shot? (Over in U/S Gender Prediction) Very cute, congrats on the baby girl<3 I got a picture of her little waving hand just like you, adorable<3

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24-Mar-09 11:39 pm

Aw thanks.

Yeah think so, same as gender prediction photo u posted over there. In the scan we had numerous shots between legs (all bare and atleast 3 lines), pretty bummed only photo i have on the xrays is of 2lines... :(

She all girl though!!

Getting 27-28wk scan to see her pretty little face etc, cant wait!!


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25-Mar-09 12:09 am

She's so cute!! She's all girl.

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and a full-term baby

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25-Mar-09 5:08 pm

 Fantastic news. How do you ask for a toilet shot? I was too embarressed but got a pretty good look.

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25-Mar-09 5:12 pm

So cute! Love her little fingers!Hearts

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