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SaLT's 3D boy pics @ 28wks!

Preg w/ a BOY!!

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14-Mar-09 11:22 am

LOOK at those LIPS!!  ;o)

STILL a boy!

Here's a couple of clips of the 4D DVD that I took w/ my cell phone & the audio's terrible on my cell, sorry!  ;o)


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14-Mar-09 11:31 am

 oh my gosh those clips are so amazing!! he looks soo sweet!! congrats!! ty for sharing with us! Heart

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14-Mar-09 11:37 am

What a cutie!!!Happy Giggle

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14-Mar-09 11:42 am

 Your baby boy is beautifull.Hearts

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14-Mar-09 1:45 pm

OMG he has the cutest lips ever!!! Im so happy for u


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14-Mar-09 1:52 pm

Oh Salt!  He is so cute!  I love those eyes and lips.  You are so fortunate to have such a beautiful healthy little boy.

Thanks for sharing!



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14-Mar-09 2:10 pm

What a cutie Hearts Very beautiful smile Happy Smile Look at his lips very very cuteHearts

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14-Mar-09 4:02 pm

He is so cuteHearts..I think I saw his smile on the clip....very cute...

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14-Mar-09 4:05 pm

Those are great pics!!!

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