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sorry i've been MIA

Here we(may) go again!!

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15-Mar-09 11:15 am

Joy, you have both had such a rough time and it is heartbreaking to hear that after your success initially with breastfeeding that it is now becoming problematic.  I find it hard to believe that in this day and age, supposed professionals dealing with the very babies that need the benefits of breastmilk most continue to supplement with formula.

So, to try and offer help, I thought I'd recommend a supplement I have recently started using on Revedebleu's advice.  It is called More Milk Plus from a company called Motherlove.  It contains all the herbs that promote milk production.  It REALLY has worked for me and I have lots more milk now.  They also do another one called More Milk Special Blend which is the same as the MM+ but has Goats Rue as an extra.  Goats Rue promotes breast tissue developmet and is used by women who are adopting or have ha breast surgery.

Have a look at the MotherLove Website and maybe give the MM+ or Special blend a try.  It is quite expensive but I think if you get your supply re-established then you could stop using it.

Lots of love and luck to you. xx


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