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FAQ INDEX! updated 4-12

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7-Mar-09 12:04 pm

This is the Index to the swaying FAQ! Please remember none of us are doctors. Please read the warning FAQ before going any further. Also know that Swaying is not 100% (only PGD is). This is all the info you will find in the swaying FAQ forum. So good luck and have fun!


For all:

  1. 7 Sway Factors*
  2. Adjusting your temps
  3. Breast Feeding
  4. Charts and Diagrams
  5. Digital pH tester FAQ
  6. Digital pH tester more
  7. Digital pH tester- how to fix it
  8. Egg polarity
  9. Ions
  10. Ion list
  11. Kistindoggirl blog (its about Trivers Willard hypothesis) you need be signed in see this (you dont need gold)
  12. Minerals in liquid
  13. pH strips Alkalive (also known as phion)
  14. pH strip Gallery
  15. pH strips -Faulty ones
  16. Seasons
  17. Studies
  18. Tamara blog (lots of tips found in their for swaying) you need be signed in see this (you dont need gold)
  19. Warning
  20. Water
  21. Water- bottled water pH

For ttc a boy:

  1. Antibiotics
  2. Basic FAQ
  3. Boy cook book
  4. Foods to avoid
  5. Gelatin
  6. Tribulous Terrestris
  7. Truvia

For ttc a girl:

  1. B6
  2. Basic FAQ
  3. Foods to avoid
  4. Girl cook book
  5. Girl diet Tiers
  6. Jump and dump
  7. O+12
  8. o+12 question
  9. Replens & Rephresh

The posts with a * link to my blog (visible to everyone)

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