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Born in Feb. 2009!!


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14-May-09 8:48 pm

Nicorous that is too cute! u should write that down cause years later it would be so cute to look back on.

I didn't realize your hubby was military, are his deployments long? u could always tell him what I tell my DH, that if he has to deploy he's packin up 4 kids in his suitcases to take them with him ha ha ha

we have been lucky that my DH hasn't deployed in almost 2 years now, he was supposed to go last year but luckily a single person who wanted the tax break for a bonus he was getting volunteered and then DH got a 1 year desk job (that he hates) which ends in July, i've already been warned by DH that when he gets off the desk job and goes back to the flight line that he's gonna have a big target on his back since it will have been so long since he deployed that it will be his turn, he's thinking he will be in the nov/dec/jan/feb rotation....I guess I can't complain since it could be alot longer like other military wives go through.

i got pictures done today at sears, didn't get any good ones, no smiles which was dissapointing cause she smiles all the time for me at home but I had to get one of her around 2-3 months old in a certain position to match my other 3 kids...on the bright side atleast she's not crying in i guess. they are fuzzy because the sears website doesn't give a good quality online because they don't want people to be able to print them.

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