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Born in Feb. 2009!!

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14-May-09 7:41 pm

AWW! Emma sounds like she is very loved!Heart  My boys are doing really well with Nicco.  My second DS has claimed him as "his" baby so it's sweet to see them with him.  My DS 3 will act a litle bit jealous if I hold Nicco, but he just tries to climb in my lap too and tells me to hold him and baby "Nicorous" as he calls him Happy Wink  Going from 3 to 4 was actually not bad.  Once we got on a schedule, it was easy.  I'm going to be repeating that to myself next year when Ant deploys and I'm at home with the four of them alone! hahahaHappy Giggle 

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.  ~Stacia Tauscher 

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