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Born in Feb. 2009!!

Lovin my 3!!

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7-Mar-09 9:37 am

What has everyone else been doing?

Sleeping! LOL no i'm kidding. Payton has been doing a little better. Going about every 4 hours. Which is good with me. She has just been diagnosed with reflux and the doctor is saying to add cereal to her bottle. I am hoping if i do that maybe she will sleep even longer!! haha

Cassie that's great that you are doing so much with DH before he leaves. I think it is going to be a great decision for you guys!! I was thinking we should start a thread with an update on the babies. Maybe everytime we bring them to the doctor and weight length etc... I don't know where it should go maybe here?

So yesterday when i took Payton he said 11lbs 8 oz and 22 inches long! Wow she has really grown. Outgrowing more NB!! Starting to fit nicely in 0-3mo.

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