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Ultrasound mistakes

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26-Feb-09 5:30 pm

I'm probably a bit paranoid.  Does anyone have a fear that they were told their desired gender at 20wks and then at birth the baby comes out opposite?  I know it happens and it is rare.  I'm afraid to get too excited.  For some reason I'm obsessing this week. 

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27-Feb-09 10:41 am

I understand that feeling! I snuck off and got a private U/S two weeks before my 20wk and until I had that one I was really scared and even had a nightmare about it. There was even a girl at work that told me she couldn't tell my baby was a girl by my U/S video. IMO I think she just didn't want to be happy for me but it hurt and made me scared. Hang in there. I'm sure your ok!Hearts

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27-Feb-09 1:08 pm

I think most ladies told girl are worried.  mistakes seem to be more common that way around. penisis rarely dissapear but do seem to appear for some people.

Im sure your okay though so try and relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy





13 week ultrasound

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1-Mar-09 1:02 pm

yes I am freaking out about it.  I have never questioned an ultrasound gender diagnosis until this time for some reason.  And my dh keeps saying that ultrasounds can be wrong, don't buy things now in case its a boy etc.  Freaks me out.  Even my 4 year old keeps insisting that I am having a boy and that the "lady" was wrong.  I wish I could get another ultrasound for reassurance.!!!

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1-Mar-09 3:36 pm
I'm sure that is SO common - especially after 2 or more of the same sex. I didn't feel like I could make a girl after 2 boys, then 3 came along in a row!
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