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Queenmommy is in labor!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!(( 2nd update!!))

Lovin my 3!!

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16-Feb-09 9:32 am

Here is an update i got from Queenmommy's (Jess) friend...I am so excited for her i can't believe how long she was able to hold out!!

Jess's friend~Jess has started the beginning stages of labor as of 7:30 this morning. The midwives are on their way. Hopefully baby Avi will be here by tonight! Pray for a safe and smooth delivery for her!!!!


Avi was 10lbs and 21 inches. Jess ended up having to go to the hospital afterwards, because the placenta could not be delivered. It had adhered to the uterine wall. They were able to take care of it, and she's back home with baby now. That's all I know!

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16-Feb-09 9:44 am
[post removed per this user's request]

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16-Feb-09 10:19 am

 YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck Jess!!!!!!!!!!Good Luck Clover

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16-Feb-09 10:27 am

YEAHHHHH!!! Can't wait to hear the story and see pics!

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Lovin my 3!!

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16-Feb-09 10:37 am


Can't wait to see baby Avi!!!!

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16-Feb-09 10:51 am
HOORAY!! easy labor vibes coming her way!
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16-Feb-09 10:53 am

Best of luck to her! I am so excited and wishing her a beautiful homebirth!

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16-Feb-09 12:53 pm

Wishing you a fast and easy labor!!!  Can't wait to hear your birth story and see pics!

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16-Feb-09 12:55 pm

Yay!!  Good Luck to her and her family!!  

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16-Feb-09 1:17 pm

Hope everything goes well.  Can't wait to hear the birth story and find out how much baby Avi is going to weigh in .

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16-Feb-09 9:32 pm

 CONGRATS Jess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy CelebrateBaby Bear Girl what a big girl! I can't wait to see some pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy Smile

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16-Feb-09 9:35 pm

Happy Celebrate CONGRATS Baby Bear Girl Cant wait to see pics

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16-Feb-09 9:39 pm
Congrats! What a big girl! I am sure she is beautiful!

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16-Feb-09 9:47 pm


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16-Feb-09 10:01 pm

Yay Jess!! What a whopper of a baby girl!! I have been waiting all day for an update - now I know she is here safely I can relax. Congrats Jess and family Happy Celebrate

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