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Baby Avigail Update


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14-Feb-09 9:13 am

Well ladies, tomorrow is the day!! My lovely midwife is coming over at 3pm on Sunday afternoon to strip my membranes and see if we just might be able to coax baby Avigail out into the world Pray. Maybe by Sunday night I'll be holding my precious princess that I've been waiting so long for. My BP has returned to normal (praise God!) so everything still seems to be a-ok. I'm not sure where I'll go from this point if it doesn't work but I am really hopefull that at this stage of the game this will be all the intervention that's needed to go into labor. I will let you all know as soon as I'm able whether or not it works. I suppose I'm rather hopeful that it will Happy.

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14-Feb-09 9:22 am

Oh, Jess.  I so pray for you that the membrane stripping gets things going!  I cannot even imagine being almost 2 weeks overdue, you are such a trooper!  Can't wait to hear your good news, maybe a Valentine's Day baby!  Hearts

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14-Feb-09 11:54 am

I am wondering if you BP was high that day cause you were so stressed. And now you have a lot of hope that the membrane stripping will work so you aren't as stressed. IDK just a thought.

I really do hope this puts you in labor right away! I agree you are a trooper i could never do what you have done! 38 weeks i was miserable!!

Good Luck Clover

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14-Feb-09 11:59 am

Good luck tomorrow! I hope you have an easy labor!

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14-Feb-09 12:01 pm

Can't wait to read your birth story!

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14-Feb-09 1:38 pm
[post removed per this user's request]

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14-Feb-09 1:49 pm

Good luck! I can't wait to see some pics.


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14-Feb-09 2:02 pm

How exciting! i just popped onto Ig to see how you were doing - good luck, my thoughts and prayers are with you for a fast and easy delivery of wee Avi. Looking forward to hearing your birth story soon Love Ya!

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14-Feb-09 2:34 pm

GOOD LUCK!!!!!  I can't wait hear the news of your little princess!!!!

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14-Feb-09 3:34 pm

Pray  that it works and you have Avigail tomorrow Happy Smile

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14-Feb-09 4:44 pm

 All the best honey....Pray everything goes smoothly Happy

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14-Feb-09 4:47 pm

 Good Luck!!  Hope you hae a quick and easy labour!!  And, yes, I'e had stripping that didn't hurt not work, and the one that did HURT, WORKED!!  So I hope it hurts for you!! Happy Wink

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14-Feb-09 9:53 pm

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14-Feb-09 10:43 pm


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14-Feb-09 11:21 pm

Good Luck! 

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