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Evan Thomas has arrived!

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25-Jan-09 11:22 am

I'm so proud to announce that Evan Thomas arrived on January 15th at 11:30 a.m. He weighed 8 pounds 7 oz and was a whopping 21 inches long! He is my DREAM! I am so in heaven. We returned from the hospital on Monday and go back tomorrow for a weigh-in and check up. Hopefully he'll be back up to his birthweight. He is all I ever dreamed of and much, much more. My labor was only 2 hours and I managed it naturally! It was perfect-- in the jacuzzi the whole time from 4 cm to 10...and only had to push through 2 contractions. I ended up with 9 stitches though (ouch) but it is all worth it!

Here is my little man!!!

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25-Jan-09 11:34 am

OMG Rev!!!!!!! Hes beautiful!!!!!Love Ya!Kiss...God bless him and your familyPray

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25-Jan-09 11:48 am

He is gorgeous!!! Big Congrats

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25-Jan-09 11:51 am

He is beautiful! Congratulations and welcome, Evan!


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25-Jan-09 11:53 am

Congratulations.Happy Celebrate He's so beautiful!!





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25-Jan-09 12:02 pm

he's so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to you and your family!

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25-Jan-09 12:04 pm

I had been thinking of youHappy I am glad that he is here and healthy! He's beautiful!!

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25-Jan-09 12:22 pm

Huge congrats....he's beautiful!!!

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25-Jan-09 12:24 pm

What a GORGEOUS little boy!  Congrats!  And well done on your quick labor!  Enjoy this precious time.Hugs Violet

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25-Jan-09 12:26 pm
What a beautiful baby! Congratulations!! Love the name too :)

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25-Jan-09 12:43 pm

Congratulations again Anne, he is absolutely beautiful!

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25-Jan-09 2:13 pm


Congratulations on your precious new arrival!!!  He is absolutely perfect!Hearts

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25-Jan-09 2:16 pm

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25-Jan-09 2:21 pm



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25-Jan-09 2:28 pm

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