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Baby Daniel is finally Here! (PIC)


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22-Jan-09 4:56 pm

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to say that baby Daniel was born on the 17th 4 days overdue!  He was 8lbs 7 oz and 21 inches long.  Im happy to say that my GD is long gone Happy Smile ! I will be back to post the birthstory and some pics later!

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22-Jan-09 4:57 pm

Awsome news - hope you are both doing well, cant wait to hear the birth story and see some pics!

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22-Jan-09 4:58 pm

Welcome Daniel! Congrats and enjoy your new little guy!Happy CelebrateBaby BoyHearts

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22-Jan-09 5:05 pm

Happy CelebrateYAY CONGRATULATIONS!!!Happy Celebrate


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22-Jan-09 5:10 pm

Congratulations to you!!!!

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22-Jan-09 5:12 pm

Congratulations!!!  I can't wait to see pics!

He has a lot of similarities with my kids.  #1 is named Daniel, #2 weighed 8.7, and #3 was born on the 17th (of last month). Happy

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22-Jan-09 5:30 pm


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22-Jan-09 5:31 pm

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22-Jan-09 6:23 pm
[post removed per this user's request]

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22-Jan-09 6:53 pm

Congratualations on your new son!!!

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22-Jan-09 7:14 pm

Congratulations!! I can't wait to see pics!



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22-Jan-09 7:45 pm

Congrats. Cant wait to see the pics!

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23-Jan-09 12:21 am

Congrats on your baby boy.

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23-Jan-09 10:39 am

i am so happy for you

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23-Jan-09 6:41 pm


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