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Cosmitec accuracy and successful predictions ????

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27-Apr-07 9:45 am


I just got the results from Cosmitec free gender prediction and I would like to know if you have any experience to share results and information about their accuracy, certain results, success or not.....I really wonder how successful they are at all.......

 I was told by the days we bedded that we are expecting a boy, so my dreams for a girl are supported by Kimberley's calculations hahahahhahhahahha

 Kind regards from Spain!


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27-Apr-07 9:52 am

I am in Ottawa, Canada. I am very new on this site. I was wondering if anyone out there from Canada or anywhere else in the world trying for Boy going to any Clinics in USA that practices Ericson method.


We are going to Walled Lake in Michigan. I love to keep in touch anyone else out there trying same thing even in different clinic.

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