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How long does Vitex take to regulate your periods?

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22-Apr-07 8:21 am

Hi all. Well I stopped by birth control pills in January I believe, and havent had a period since february 2nd. I started taking Vitex liquid extract 1 ml, which is 1000 mg, per day, for almost a month now. For those of you who are using Vitex to help in regulating your periods, how long did it take for it to work? Thanks everyone!!



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22-Apr-07 3:50 pm

I stopped birth control pills in october 02 and I started taking fertility tea that had vitex along with some other herbs

and I concieved daughter #4 in december 2002!.  it does work well but for some women it might take longer to regulate the cycles.

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22-Apr-07 5:22 pm

From what I hear and have read Vitex effectiveness can vary for each individual.  However, the more consistently and regularly you take it the more effective it will hopefully become.   Here is an article for you.



Vitex (Chasteberry) and Its Role in Pregnancy?

If you have been trying to conceive but have been unable to do so, you may be wondering what sort of options are available with regard to getting pregnant. One herb which women have taken in the past to help with their conception efforts is Vitex, also known as Chasteberry. If you are wondering how Vitex can help you to get pregnant, the following information may aid in providing an answer for you.

Vitex and Conception

Vitex is a natural herb which has been linked via research studies to enhancing fertility within women. The way in which Vitex works is that this herb affects hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle. By affecting the hormones, Vitex aids in balancing the hormones in such a way so that they encourage normal menstrual cycles, fertility and ovulation. If you are experiencing irregular menstrual cycles and having trouble conceiving, you may want to look into taking Vitex supplements in order to help your menstrual cycle return to an even course. A beneficial factor of Vitex is that it is a safe and natural herbal supplement and taking such an herb may just make conception that much more likely.

If you have recently stopped taking the birth control pill, you may also wish to take Vitex for this reason as it not only puts one’s menstrual cycle back on track but it will also help to restore ovulation to its former schedule. Women sometimes have to wait a few months after stopping oral contraceptives and trying to get pregnant as their ovulation cycle is a bit off due to having taken the birth control pill. Taking an herbal supplement such as Vitex, which helps a woman’s cycle return to normal, may lessen the time period between the cessation of birth control and pursuance of conception.

How Long Will It Take for Vitex to Work?

You may also be wondering how long you will have to wait until Vitex takes effect. As it is impossible to determine a specific time period, as every individual is different and there are no guarantees that Vitex will work in every instance, it is hard to say. One thing which can be stated is that Vitex is a supplement which gains effectiveness each month that it is taken. Vitex will become more effective each day that you take the herb. Therefore, Vitex will increase in effectiveness over time and grow more effective with continued use.


If you have been experiencing problems relating to conception such as having a hard time getting pregnant, it may be worthwhile to look into taking Vitex if an irregular menstrual cycle or delayed ovulation is causing a problem with regard to conception. Reading more information about Vitex may help you to decide if this type of herb may be a good one to take and ultimately help with conception issues.

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    24-Apr-07 2:17 pm
    Thanks for that article minime!

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    Thank you for the informative post.
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