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Stomach bug cramping or labor contractions?

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25-Dec-08 1:30 pm

See, I told Your bowel and uterus are not connected at all (thank but when the bowel is irritated, it can cause sympathetic contractions with the uterus.....sending a false message that makes you produce the hormones that cause contractions.  They may never have gotten a pattern and may not have lasted long, but it looks like it did SOME work.  All that icky feeling at least got you a jump start on your labor.  I bet you will not go another 3 weeks.  Maybe a week....(I'll cross my fingers for you).  Read up on the primrose oil capsules.  They will help your cervix to thin out and the baby to engage.  It wont speed anything up unless its time, but it will make your labor easier in the end by preping the cervix even more....good luck.

Hope your Christmas was nice today.