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In-Gender is now FAAAAAAAST!

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10-Dec-08 5:27 pm

At least it is blazing from where I sit right now!  Can I get a wooooooooo-hoooooooo?!

Let's hear it for Server Intellect, In-Gender's awesome web host!

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10-Dec-08 5:34 pm


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10-Dec-08 5:36 pm

Server Intellect -   You Rock

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10-Dec-08 5:37 pm


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10-Dec-08 5:37 pm
Rock on!!!!! It's so much faster and that was a quick little upgrade time!
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10-Dec-08 8:10 pm

Thanks, Maureen!Happy  LOL

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10-Dec-08 8:14 pm

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!   I was so sick of that baby!!!!!!  Thanks Maureen!

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10-Dec-08 8:27 pm

 I was scared that I wasn't going to get my In-Gender fix when I saw that message this afternoon, but I'm back on and the pages are loading SO fast.  I was really getting frustrated the past few days with how slow it was.  So...YAY!

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10-Dec-08 8:27 pm


I wanted to take that baby every time ! Looks like a boy.Happy LMAO

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10-Dec-08 8:33 pm


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!   I was so sick of that baby!!!!!!  Thanks Maureen!

I'll ditto that, it's the only baby I was sick of

Thanks Maureen!!!!     Agree

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10-Dec-08 8:40 pm

What a huge difference! No more crying (me or that baby!) Thank you Maureen!

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10-Dec-08 9:15 pm


WHOAH! Head spin LOL

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10-Dec-08 9:41 pm


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10-Dec-08 9:45 pm
RQ~ 8, err... i mean 32 Baby Bear Boy,Baby Bear Girl,Baby Bear Boy: you'd better recognize! here is the link to my TBM success story for #2! I went on to do the same for #3 and added ions/diet/low sodium/etc... #3 is my beautiful baby boy! does swaying actually sway???

hoping for BFPs for all my IG girls!..... lets see those second lines!!!

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10-Dec-08 11:22 pm

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