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Baby Lachlan has arrived


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6-Dec-08 2:54 am

Baby Lachlan arrived on the 1st December at 1:03am. My waters broke at home and he was born an hour 20 later. He weighs 3.6kgs and is 51cms long. He is just gorgeous and I wouldn't swap him for pink one. Good luck everyone else

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6-Dec-08 3:49 am

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6-Dec-08 4:47 am

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6-Dec-08 5:56 am

Congratulations on your precious new arrival!!!!!!

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6-Dec-08 8:51 am




~for my 5 cuties~

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6-Dec-08 9:05 am
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6-Dec-08 9:47 am

Congrats on that sweet baby boy!  Enjoy this precious time!Baby Bear Boy

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6-Dec-08 10:58 am

Happy CelebrateBaby Bear Boy Congratulations on your new baby!!! Happy CelebrateBaby Bear Boy

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6-Dec-08 11:11 am

Happy CelebrateCongrats!! Can't wait for pictures of him!!Happy Celebrate 

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7-Dec-08 12:01 pm

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11-Dec-08 1:51 pm

Congratulations!!!!! Baby Bear Boy

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11-Dec-08 4:49 pm

Congratulations!!Happy Celebrate

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