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How is your Nursery coming along???????

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5-Dec-08 1:43 pm

We haven't started ours, but I am thinking it will need to be done sooner rather than later!  I don't really know where to start, apart from having it painted and buying the furniture.  Mmm I think I will get DH on the case.

Anyone else started and super organised??????



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5-Dec-08 4:51 pm

We've gotton started and I just got the bedding today. We haven't done a lot, but are going to this weekend. I'll post some pics after we've got more done.

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6-Dec-08 1:50 am

I'll post some pics after we've got more done.

I would LOVE to see your pics, Mom2Bryce ....... Also, what bedding set did you go for???



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6-Dec-08 9:51 am

I would love to see them too!!! I love nurseries..I can't wait till I have my baby so I can order my bedding. We're just getting a plain bassinet for now.

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6-Dec-08 10:04 am

I haven't done anything yet...since baby will be in my room for the first few months...I think DS#5 was in there for 9 or 10 months...but we have to renovate our attic to mame a new bedroom for the older boys in the spring, then once they move then maybe DS#5 will be sleeping good enough to put him the room with #3 & #4 and then we can get her room ready before she moves into it...but I really need to overhaul my room in the next few/couple of weeks to make room for the bassinet and a diaper/blanket room seems to be the catchall room lately..its so trashed!!! can hardly move in there..I hope she doesn't come before i get that done!!!  I can't even start until DH gets the sides on our utility trailer and turns it into a dumpster for me and parks it under our window..I don't think he realizes the time crunch we are under now!!!  I feel like I have so much to do...I have to straighten up our front hall too so I can make room for the othe bassinet I use for downstairs daytime sleeping...move furniture in the diningroom to make room for the Christmas tree...pull tags and wash her clothes up and put them when you write it all down it seems like so much more..I guess I really should get started..oh and did I mention that I still have most of my Christmas shopping to do!!!  5 kids of my own, plus DH, plus MIL, FIL, my mom, and 3 nephews to buy for....eeek!!!!   2 1/2 weeks to do it, plus many appointments in between...when am I ever going to get it all done!!! I am depressed about all I have to do!!!  Help!!!

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6-Dec-08 10:25 am

Our "nursery" is still a computer/junk/storage room. We haven't touched it yet. My best friend and her kids are coming to visit over Christmas and will need to stay in that room, so we'll have to do some major organizing before then. Hopefully that will spur us on to start actually turning it into a room for the baby!

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7-Dec-08 7:23 am

Mine will be in our room for the first year or so, so after that it's not really a's a little boy's room [;o)].

But we will be moving into a new house next week that is big enough for each to have their own room and still have a guest room/study.  So I guess I have to do something with it Happy Wink


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10-Dec-08 8:26 pm

You still have plenty of time lillylolly, sounds like it's time you went shopping!

i'm just a weird overly prepared kinda person, the moment we found out we were preggo I was horrified that I had just sold and given away all our baby things so I started shopping early at garage sales and craigslist to get prepared. I really really felt in my gut this was a boy so I had bought so many clearanced boy clothes at stores and at garage sales and boy colored everything...I figured my 2 SIL's are preggo and one of the 3 of us would have a boy but sure enough we are all having girls, go figure!

 When we found out it was a girl I ended up selling all the boy colored things I had gotten like the blue exersaucer and neutral color swing and bouncer in order to buy used pink items....I figure it's out last and i'm buying used items (except the bedding set) so I can splurge a little. i'm done with her room and it's just gorgous...I just sit in there and wish it were my room, it's pink and brown with butterflies, so danty and delicate, i'll snap a few pictures soon, i'm just waiting on my ultrasound on monday (never had a 20 week, this will be a 27 week u/s cause my OB is weird and made me wait) so i'm just going by the 16 week one I paid for saying girl so i'm waiting to take pics and make it a for sure thing until the "real" u/s.

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11-Dec-08 2:54 pm

Haven't started anything.  Well, MIL bought the bedding and accesories that we wanted as a gift to us.  But she is keeping them until she throws us a shower in Jan, so we can't really start until we have something to go by colorwise.  We are doing the cherry blossom by kidline.  I love it!

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