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hi everyone

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21-Nov-08 10:54 am

 just stopping in to see haws everyone is feeling???? i havent had much time to log on lately. im alomost there i cant believe i only have 10 days left i can remember my first 12 weeks on this site nubsessing!!!!!!!! lol. i just cant wait to see my boy after all there girls i gonna be like a whole diffrent world for me!!! im 3 cm and 80 percent thinned and lost my mucas plug monday.....ewwwwwww.. i never saw it with my outher children...not a pertty site .. well i hope all of you are doing so inpatient i had all my girls at least 2 weeks earlyso hes holding right on i just hope i dont go a day or 2 before thanksgiving i have to cook my family dinner i feel bad if im not home for my girls my hubby cant even cook mac and so i hope something either happens today untill thanksgiving is over ...or i would be nice if he comes right agter dinner then i  wont have to do the clean up!!!!!

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