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Why not to have a Gender Scan in the 14th week....

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15-Nov-08 9:16 am

So, unless you tech is obsessed with gender, and really really knows what they are looking for (ie ME), I always recommend to NOT get a gender scan in the 14th week. Even early 15th week can be trouble!

Here are some pics of my lump, to see the range of images all taken from the same baby, the same day. 14w4d. Babe is measuring 15wk though.

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15-Nov-08 10:57 am

 Wow, I do see how you can be thrown off by certain shots!  I can see being told both boy or girl depending at what angle or shot you're looking at.Surprise

Congrats again on little "Miss Kitty"Hearts

GL & best wishesFlower

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15-Nov-08 11:19 am

Congratulations on your little Miss Kitty. Love Ya!


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15-Nov-08 11:30 am

all the photos looks girly. You just have to look closely and make sure you choose a tech with a lot of experience like CC :)

I was able to find out my baby was a girl at 14 weeks. I alo had a very good tech who is right over 90% of the time :) 



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15-Nov-08 12:16 pm

I agree with that! Was told Girl at 16wks and now boy at 17-its a shock i could have done without...needless to say *if* there is a next one we won't find out till our 18wk! SO happy for your little GIRL though CC! ;)

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15-Nov-08 1:28 pm
Miss Kitty, LOL! Thanks for posting this, Charliecats. My obsessed husband and the obsessed techs (lol) at the imaging center he works at were like, "LET'S SCAN YOU!" yesterday. As you know, we are the same due date. Well, one minute she was like, "OMG, that's SO a boy!". Then she was like, "wait.. wait... not sure and would get a very "miss kitty" shot as well. As you can imagine I'm frustrated and just want NO MORE SCANS until twenty weeks. FEH! I've run the gamut of emotions this last day. I wish I had never been scanned, especially by someone who is not a full time OB sonographer. She got good pics, but I really didn't feel she knew what she was really looking at. It was so weird...
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15-Nov-08 2:15 pm
Congratulations on your little girl. I am so excited for you and I although I don't know you I feel as though I do through these boards.


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15-Nov-08 3:34 pm

wowser check out that ironing board nubHeartsBaby Bear Girl

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16-Nov-08 3:03 pm

Well, CONGRATS on finally seeing your little girl show her stuff! Baby Bear Girl  I know you pretty much knew, but it still must be exciting! Happy Smile  I'm happy for you!  Those shots look very much like my little gal did at 14 weeks.

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16-Nov-08 3:08 pm
I just want to say Congrats!!!!! I'm so glad she's a she!!! Hearts
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16-Nov-08 5:03 pm

I just wanted to add my congrats on your baby girl to. It is just fantastic news you have the little miss you so desire Hearts

 Thanks so much for your always helpful insight into gender scanning to. It has been so appreciated.

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16-Nov-08 6:45 pm

Congrats on Miss Kitty!! love the name! Happy Wink

So how mant times are you gonna check that something doesn't grow between the legs!! lol

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16-Nov-08 6:53 pm



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16-Nov-08 9:40 pm


Yeah for little miss kitty!!!!

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16-Nov-08 10:15 pm

On your Princess~Happy CelebrateHearts

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