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12-Nov-08 1:44 pm

Baby BoyBaby BoyBaby BoyBaby Girl

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12-Nov-08 1:46 pm

Here is all three

Baby BoyBaby BoyBaby BoyBaby Girl


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12-Nov-08 1:50 pm


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B/C really is only 99% effective!!! LOL DH and I are very excited (and relieved) to have gotten our surprise Baby Bear Girl

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12-Nov-08 1:52 pm

Awwww...they're all gorgeous!


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12-Nov-08 2:58 pm

What cute boys you make!!!!!!

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~for my 5 cuties~

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12-Nov-08 3:03 pm
[post removed per this user's request]

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12-Nov-08 3:08 pm
awh! they are so cute! you have a BEAUTIFUL family!!
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hoping for BFPs for all my IG girls!..... lets see those second lines!!!

Bump it B!tches! you know you want to!

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12-Nov-08 4:59 pm
Gorgeous boysHearts

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25-Jan-09 1:23 am

Your boys are very beautiful

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29-Jan-09 10:14 am

 Sweet baby and boys!Hearts

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29-Jan-09 10:27 am

Beautiful boys! Thanks for sharing!Heart

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