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Miscarriage after having an IUD?

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14-Jul-11 11:35 pm

 I was diagnosed as 4 weeks pregnant 3 weeks to the day that my novaT (copper) IUD was removed by dating with my last period. A urine and  blood test confirmed the pregnacy with my hcg levels up to 250. Sore breast and all the symptoms. 5 days after I started to have minor spotting for 4 days then had massive bleeding, a full blown period. I went to the doctor and the hcg had dropped to 45. I know I lost this pregnancy even though I won't get the official results until tomorrow. My doctor already said not to get my hopes up all signs say it has failed. My husband's co-worker told him it was exactly the same thing with his ex, she was pregnant and then had spotting and at 6 weeks it was just over. It has to be the IUD. Maybe still too copper acidic environment. My miscarriage basically came at the same time I was to expect my period.  Was never meant to happen just yet I guess and if i wouldn't have ever known if we didn't  jumped the gun on the test until after my expected period.