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Weekly progress reports/ check in's. Anyone game?


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12-Nov-08 5:05 pm

Well here I am at 39 weeks and 5days....2days till DDay. I swear I have been having prelabour for 2 weeks! My midwife keeps saying how efficient she will be at birth cause all the slow stuff has already happened. I hope that is the case. If this was my first baby I would have had 5 false starts already as it is I now have no idea if it is the real thing. I can't imagine another week and a half of this. All my boys were 41+1 or 2. I was so hoping she would come a little early or on time. Still got her due date to go.... I just have to remind myself that it I am blessed with another healthy pregnancy and she will come when she is cooked. I just want to meet her!Love Ya!

Still doing EPO, acupressure points, sex, walking ( if I can), reflexology, chiro....prayingPray

I'll keep you posted.I have to remind myself these are my last days of pregnancy ever!!!!!!! I hope everyone else is feeling well.Hearts

Be well, Nikki Baby Boy9 Baby Boy7 Baby Boy3 Baby Girl Born 11/24/08