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Happy 6th Birthday to In-Gender!!!

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15-Mar-07 7:57 am
The site itself is actually a bit older, but "" has now been online for SIX years!!  Happy Celebrate
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15-Mar-07 8:00 am

Happy CelebrateHappy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday In-Geeeeenderrrrrr....


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15-Mar-07 8:12 am
Happy birthday and MANY MORE!  I wish I had found you sooner!!!  Thank you Maureen for all you do-you have been my lifeline and I'm sure so much more for others!  Three cheers!  HIP-HIP HOORAY!  HIP-HIP HOORAY!  HIP-HIP HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!Happy  LOL
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15-Mar-07 8:29 am
YEAHHHHH! That's funny bc today is my oldest DSs' bday and he is six as well!!

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15-Mar-07 9:09 am
Happy Birthday to your "6th" child!!!  TJ

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15-Mar-07 10:59 am

Happy Birthday!

 And to think--6 years ago I had not even conceived my first child.  I had never heard of the Shettles method, MS, Ericsson, etc.!

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15-Mar-07 11:21 am
dddd ds
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15-Mar-07 4:16 pm
YEA!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! this site is so helpful to so many women. im glad you are here!
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hoping for BFPs for all my IG girls!..... lets see those second lines!!!

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15-Mar-07 4:37 pm

Happy Birthday......Happy Celebrate

I do not know what I would do without this site so thank you Maureen. xo

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15-Mar-07 7:59 pm
Congratulations!!!!  Happy 6th b-day in-gender!!!
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16-Mar-07 5:59 am
Happy 6th.Birthday In-Gender! Thank you for a wonderful site Maureen! Happy


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16-Mar-07 12:14 pm
YAY! Happy Birthday In-Gender! Thank you for this amazing site Maureen!!! Happy CelebrateKiss
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16-Mar-07 1:12 pm
Happy CelebrateHugs GiftHAPPY BIRTHDAY IN-GENDER!!!Hugs GiftHappy Celebrate Thanks for all you do, Maureen!


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16-Mar-07 3:10 pm
Happy 6th Birthday In-Gender. I wish i had found you sooner but I am glad that i have found you now. Thanks for all that you do maureen

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16-Mar-07 4:29 pm

Happy, Happy Birthday and thank you Maureen for such a great place!

 Heart  Heart 

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